Managing Directors Mathias Falkenstein and Ulrich Hommel (together with Annie Snelson-Powell) have published an important article in the Journal of Global Responsibility on the prospective impact of COVID-19 on the responsible management education (RME) agenda. While taking an overall optimistic stance, the article also points out risks and threats that may lead to a more negative outcome. Get the pdf here.

Summary: The purpose of this paper is to enrich the discussion at the intersection of responsible management education (RME) and the pandemic with new views that explore together the inhibitors of and drivers for a strengthening of RME in the emerging context. On the one hand, the pandemic crisis fosters the social role business schools play by supporting the enhancement of the RME rationale as an idealist foundational pillar of responsible business schools. On the other hand, it invites negative pragmatic responses in the light of financial and competitive disturbances that seem to enlarge the opportunity cost of moving RME forward.