Welcome to XOLAS! We are an innovative consultancy partnership helping business schools and universities achieve their strategic ambitions.

Our approach is unique — we provide advisory services informed by advanced data analytics to help our clients rationalize their development plans and performance targets.

Because we care

Business Schools and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are facing a variety of challenges, the most important ones being technology-driven disruptions in teaching & learning, rising financial pressures, heightened international competition, and changing demographics.

The creation of XOLAS reflects the strong personal and professional desire of the founders to guide and support business schools and HEIs in dealing with these challenges. We offer our services “because we care”, because we believe in the higher purpose of higher education and consider business schools as an integral part of this sector.

Our services

Advisory Services

XOLAS supports clients in strategy development and implementation, in organizational refocusing and restructuring, as well as in targeted efforts to enhance managerial effectiveness. We provide an external market perspective and facilitate the mapping of project outcomes into external recognition by stakeholders and quality assessment bodies.

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Knowledge Solutions

XOLAS aspires to be a thought leader in the higher education sector by producing insights on development opportunities available to business schools and universities and challenges facing them. Our research feeds into the development of metrics that link institutional responses to quality enhancement, business and societal impact, market recognition and financial performance.

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Intelligence Solutions

At XOLAS, we believe that higher education leaders require sound business analytics to rationalize decision-making and enrich external communication. We apply data analysis to give our clients clarity on market positioning and likely impact of development actions. We build analytic tools that enhance managerial effectiveness, while at the same time targeting compliance of external quality and performance standards.

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Training Solutions

XOLAS offers customized coaching to aid the implementation of advisory outcomes delivered to clients. XOLAS further provides turn-key training solutions to business schools, universities and other organizations interested in implementing the design internally or supplying them to their stakeholders. The XOLAS team selectively contributes to the facilitation of professional development offers.

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Financial Advisory

While the disruptive forces in higher education are creating manifold opportunities for development and growth, they will also expose some institutions to crisis and financial distress. XOLAS offers its competencies in risk and restructuring advisory to help clients address these challenges from a strategic and operational perspective.

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Founders & team

Your success is about more than where you’ll go and how you’ll get there, it is about who you partner with to realize your ambitions.

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Mathias Falkenstein

Founder & Managing Director

Ulrich Hommel

Founder & Managing Director

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Institutional Benchmarking as a Strategic Tool to Develop Internationalization

January 10–28, 2022, in partnership with AACSB International

Together with Wilfred Mijnhardt, Policy Director at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), XOLAS Managing Director Mathias Falkenstein will facilitate an online course on how business schools can use data-analytic benchmarking as a tool to promote internationalization of the institution, degree programs, positioning within recruitment markets, and faculty/student attributes. The course will discuss selection criteria for benchmarking partners, identification of data sources, steps of a comprehensive benchmark analysis, and interpretation of results. The goal is to transform the outcomes of a benchmark analysis into actionable items and link them to the business school’s internationalization strategy.

Strategic Network


What Business Schools Can Learn from Team Sports

Together with A. Abdel-Meguid and Benjamin Stévenin, Ulrich Hommel has written a thought-provoking essay on how business schools can future-proof their faculties. Using analogies from team sports, the authors argue that a business school should build its team of...

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Ambidexterity Strengthens Quality Management during COVID-19

In a comprehensive survey of Nordic schools, Ulrich Hommel, Claire Thouary (both XOLAS) and Björn Kjellander (Jönköping International Business School) examine how quality management practices have been affected by COVID-19. The results have been published in EFMD's...

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Future-Proofing the Business School

Ulrich Hommel and Benjamin Stévénin (both XOLAS), together with Martin Böhm (Dean of IE), have published an article in AACSB Insights on how to future-proof a business school. The authors argue that, to operate successfully in a more collaborative framework, business...

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The Overlooked Power of Faculty Information Systems

Faculty is considered a key if not the most important strategic resource of a business school (or any academic institution for that matter). At the same time, business schools suffer from a very fragmented understanding of their faculty’s competencies, track record...

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