Teaching Innovation
Workshop Series

Learn how to apply new technologies for use in the classroom. Understand how the learning design process works for online teaching. Practice teaching case studies online.


This three-workshop series is aimed at faculty who are looking to leverage technology in their online and face-to-face teaching, and to understand the basic principles of designing courses for the online environment. Learning designers, instructional technologists and other EdTech staff could also benefit from the workshops.

After the workshop, participants should be able to

  • choose from a wider range of technologies to enhance students’ learning in face-to-face and online management programs
  • use learning design principles to better structure their online courses
  • improve their effectiveness in teaching case studies online.

To achieve these aims, the facilitators will share real-world best practices regarding the use of technology in management programs. Specifically, participants will be introduced to technologies which are used in the classroom and online and how online learning is structured at schools such as ESMT Berlin and its partners in the FOME (Future of Management Education) network. Together, workshop participants will reflect on this experience in terms of adopted online learning approaches/tools, achieved results, suggestions regarding the design & delivery process, etc.

The workshop series does not aim to make faculty members entirely autonomous in creating online courses. Instead, we aim to help faculty to understand which technologies can be implemented effectively in the classroom and online, and how learning design processes can assist with the delivery of any course or program.


This series of three workshops will provide participants with examples of technologies, an opportunity to apply these, as well as practical tools required to design an effective online or blended learning experience based on contemporary learning design principles, best practices and current trends in management education. Participants will gain value by exploring current trends and innovations and relating them to their own teaching. Participants will be surveyed about their experience and expectations before the workshops and the sessions will be tailored accordingly.

The workshops will be delivered by practitioners from the management education industry with extensive experience in high quality online learning. The workshop leader, Nick Barniville, is the Founder and Director of the EdTech Lab at ESMT Berlin. Prior to taking this position, he ran the school’s degree programs for 11 years.


Additional hands-on workshops in small groups can be designed according to the needs of the client.

Workshop #1 – Technology ideas to use in the classroom

Sharing the experience of Technology Enhanced Learning at ESMT Berlin, we will focus on how to integrate technology in business and management programmes.

Key questions
  • How can a school train and develop faculty in the use of technology in the classroom and online?
  • Which technologies can be incorporated in business or management programs?
  • How can these technologies assist in the learning process?
  • Which of these technologies would make sense for your faculty? How could they be implemented?

Workshop #2 – Design principles when moving from face-to-face to online: An introduction to the principles of learning design

Identify the key challenges in online and blended learning and discuss strategies and tools for potential solutions. Learn how to integrate appropriate media and other interventions to engage online learners, including different types of functionality to choose on your learning experience platform, assessments, discussion boards, feedback, analytics, as well as how best to make use of teaching assistants when available.

Key questions
  • How are learning design principles applied at course and session level?
  • How can technology be used effectively to create a balanced experience for students across the 3 Ps (presentation, practice and production)?
  • What added value can a learning designer, media specialist or instructional technologist offer throughout the design/delivery of an online course?
  • How to approach learning analytics and develop a continuous improvement processes
  • What tools are available for faculty and the technology support team?

Workshop #3 – Teaching cases online

The workshop aims to prepare participants to run effective online case discussions by offering experience-based best practices for each step in the process of designing and delivering high-impact online courses with the use of case studies.

Key questions

The workshop will address the fundamental questions that course instructors must consider in course and session design and delivery:

  • What’s different from traditional face-to-face format in online delivery for the student and for the professor? What are the constraints to prepare for; what are the opportunities and positive effects we can leverage for learning impact?
  • How to design case-based courses for blended delivery (combining on-campus and online, synchronous and asynchronous)?
  • How to deliver online sessions with case discussions?